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When is rent due?

Rent must be post marked on or before the first of the month. You can always pay rent online using checking for free.

Where do I mail my rent?

– This is explained on the first page of your lease contract

What is my account number ?

– Soon after signing you lease you should have received an email from donotreply@rentmanager.com to set up your online account this email includes your account #.

What is my resident web access account # ?

Your account # for resident web access is a number that will be assigned to you so that you can enter resident web access to gain information about your account.  You can send us an  e-mail if you have not received your resident web access account #

How do I access resident services ?

Resident services can be accessed at www.agreatapartment.net – resident web access

How do I pay my rent online?

You will need your account # your banks routing # and your checking account # here is a direct link to our online payments page

I paid my rent online but I received a late fee.

– Please ensure that your rent payment is initiated on or before the first of the month.

I mailed my rent in before the first but I still received a late payment.

This can happen for various reasons. We keep all of the envelopes with rent and can double check the post mark when needed. In order to avoid having this issue ensure what time mail is picked up and check to see when it will be post marked after it has been picked up.

I have a maintenance request

You can call our office at 715-381-2296 and leave a message for our Maintenance Coordinator. We will then add your maintenance request into our system.
If you file an online maintenance request you will received a copy of the e-mail. Please be familiar with your lease.

Authorization to Enter for Repairs: In the event Tenant(s) requests maintenance or repair services
inside the premises, Tenant(s)s’ request for such repairs or maintenance shall automatically be considered
authorization for Landlord or its designated contractors to enter the premises without further notice to the Tenant(s)
during reasonable business hours, and within a reasonable time from which the repairs or maintenance are requested,
unless Tenant(s) makes a written request for service specifically indicating that Landlord must contact Tenant(s)
before performing such repairs or maintenance.

Lockouts – I have locked myself out of the home

You can file a maintenance request if you have locked your self out of the home. Once the request has been filed we will contact you. We do charge a fee per hour for lock outs. This fee can NOT be waived if you find your key after you file the maintenance request and or before we arrive to unlock the home. 

I would like to install a satellite dish for direct tv.

Please contact our office to receive permission. Satellites can not be attached to the building and you can use our existing wiring. However you (or the contractor) must have permission before installing.

Maintenance only fixed one of the issues on my list the other issue still has not been resolved.

This often happens with issues that are intermittent (my garage door will not close sometimes). Please let us know by sending another maintenance request online. Make sure you leave your current phone # so that we can call you with specific questions.

I need to break my lease – mitigation

mitigation is described in our lease under the “Non Standard Lease Provisions” if you wish to break your lease you will need to stop into our office and fill out a “Listing for Lease
You will be held responsible for rent until the unit has been rented out.
A word of caution. Markets change very fast.
If you need to break your lease January first – it will be very hard to find a new renter.
If you need to break your lease July First – with proper notice their is a much higher probability of us renting the unit out for you in time.

All new prospects must qualify to rent the property. If you have found a prospect on your own they will need to fill out an application.

1 We need at least 60 days notice in order to market your unit effectively. This does not guarantee we will find a renter – markets change over time.
2 The mitigation fee does not release you from your lease. It is simply a fee we charge for finding a new renter for your property.
3 Your unit should be in market ready condition.
4 Waive your 12 hour notice for showings. In the rental industry people often feel a lot of pressure to have a roof over their head. Waiting until the next day to see your unit that is for for rent may put them at risk of loosing another property that they are interested in.
5 make sure you stop into our office and fill out a “Listing for Lease”

6 When you break your lease and a new tenant is found, the incoming tenant will have certain expectations. The main expectation being that the unit will be very clean and ready for their occupancy. As the departing tenant, you are responsible to leave the unit in “rent-ready” condition. We strongly suggest, after your belongings are removed, you hire a professional cleaning company to clean all carpets, and perform other deep cleaning tasks such as windows, wall touch-up, super-clean appliances and cabinets etc. We can not be responsible if an incoming tenant refuses to move into your former unit due to its condition. As managers it is not our responsibility to clean the unit when you are breaking your lease. If an incoming tenant refuses to take occupancy due to its condition, you will continue to be responsible for rent until the end of your lease and or will have over time cleaning charges from a 3rd part cleaning company. 

While we recommend hiring a third party company to do the deep cleaning, we also can give you a quote for our company to provide this service.

7 other expenses you should expect to incur would be time for us to go to the property to rekey and reprogram any remotes along with time for any touch up painting that is needed. If we need to bring the unit to market ready condition because you have not cleaned the home you should expect over time charges as we will have to find someone last minute.

Our household has grown and we need a bigger place. Can we upgrade to a larger home that you have for rent ?

With enough notice and consistent contact we can usually help you and your new household. Their are many variables in this situation but the first step is to browse through our portfolio and our current availabilities. Then contact us 

Other factors that will come into play.
1 You will most likely have to pay a new security deposit for the new unit you plan to move to. If this is something that we are able to transfer we will let you know. 
2 The first step is for us to rent out your unit if you want to move before your current lease contract has expired. We are unable to hold the new unit you are interested in until we have rented out your unit. 
3 Make sure you speaking with your leasing agent regarding any fees you may incur for showing the home. 

I would like to have a someone move in with me for a few months do I need to let the management company know?

Yes contact us right away. In order for us to ensure a safe community we must run criminal checks and back round checks on all occupants. The first step is to have the new applicant fill out an application . You will also need to submit a new application for yourself as you will be qualifying to rent the home together. This is for your safety. Modification of the lease is mitigation.

I would like to take care of a friends pet for a few days.

This is highly risky since pets must have bite/pet insurance.  

One of my room mates would like to move out and I would like to add someone else to the lease.

Modification of the lease is mitigation. All new prospects must qualify to rent the property along with all tenants who plan to stay at the property. Please see the following video on the application process.  
*The tenant who is moving out must decide if they want to waive their rights to the security deposit or have security refunded. If security deposit is refunded. New applicants should be prepared to pay for a new security deposit the amount of which is not known until the application has been run.
* Tenants who are staying will be accepting all preexisting damage and will NOT have the opportunity to fill out a new check list of preexisting damages. 
* If you wish to create a new list of preexisting damages the property will need to be vacated so we can conduct a move out inspection.

My roommates and I are all on the lease. I paid the entire security deposit myself. Can the security deposit be written out to me?

No the security deposit is issued to all current tenants who are on the lease. This was explained in the lease contract that you signed as well.

My Roommate has moved out and I can not afford the rent on my own.

Your options in this situation are to 1 Find a new room mate – and give your old room mate permission to be taken off of the lease after you have found a new room mate. Your current room mate will need to give us permission to have themselves taken off of the lease as well.
2 Mitigation (explained above)

I have lost my copy of the lease

Please e-mail us – we will scan and send you a new copy for a charge of $25.  Your online account through resident services lists all of your transactions and account information through our resident services web site. We also have copies of lease documents in your online account.

I would like to get a pet

Modifying your current lease will need approval from management and landlord. First step is to contact us. We charge a rate of $51.00 per hour for paper work processing.

Taxes/homestead credit/ Renters Credit.

We do not fill out home stead credit forms nor do we print off a history of all of your transactions. All of this information is available to you free of charge through resident services. On your taxes you should check a box that says “Land lord does not comply” The IRS will then contact us with any questions they may have.

How long until we receive our security deposit refund?

Timing for return.  A landlord shall deliver or mail to a tenant the full amount of any security deposit paid by the tenant, less any amounts that may be withheld under subs. (1) and (2), within 21 days after any of the following:

(a)  If the tenant vacates the premises on the termination date of the rental agreement, the date on which the rental agreement terminates.

(b)  If the tenant vacates the premises before the termination date of the rental agreement, the date on which the tenant’s rental agreement terminates or, if the landlord rerents the premises before the tenant’s rental agreement terminates, the date on which the new tenant’s tenancy begins.

(c)  If the tenant vacates the premises after the termination date of the rental agreement, the date on which the landlord learns that the tenant has vacated the premises.

(d)  If the tenant is evicted, the date on which a writ of restitution is executed or the date on which the landlord learns that the tenant has vacated the premises, whichever occurs first.

Rental References

We are not able to fill out rental references without your permission. We charge a fee of $51 per hour to fill out rental reference forms. The new management company may accept a print out of your transaction history from your online account showing all payments you have made. You also have access to a copy of your lease in your online account through resident services

Lease is ending – Showings of your home 

Even though your contract will be ending preparation for showings of your home is important. We always do our best to keep all prospects together as a group during a showing to ensure we do not have any incidents.

However a small bit of preparation on your part is advised. Targeted items include Prescription drugs, weapons, checkbooks, money, small electronics, extra keys etc. All of these should all be put away. Animals should be put into their cages as well. We can not be held responsible if an animal runs out of the house.

When scheduling showings we will give you at least 12 hours notice. If their are specific times and dates that do not work for showings you will need to inform us in writing before we begin to schedule showings. We can not guarantee that we will be able to accommodate all requests as we have multiple schedules to coordinate in order to show a home. However we will do our best to work with you.

Please contact your leasing agent if you have concerns